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About Me

Hi, I'm Jess.
(aka, The Roving Artisan).


I believe weaving together does something for the soul. 

Maybe it's the combination of busy hands and cherished company, the intimate setting, the feel of the yarn, the mindfulness and rhythm of over, under, over ...


Over the years, weaving has been a nourishing tonic for me. 


I weave because it's a creative outlet that combines my love of interiors and colours into my own artwork.

I weave because it means that I can make unique handmade gifts for my family and friends.

I also weave because it's an opportunity and place to connect in this busy fast-paced world. It has brought me beautiful moments of community and friendship, which I'd love others to experience.

For all these reasons, I want to spread the weave and encourage others to give it a try.  

The Roving Artisan (my 4th baby after 3 mini-humans) brings together several gifts in my life: weaving, friendship, and an important charity —The Gidget Foundation—to which a percentage of my revenue is donated.


The Gidget Foundation supports the emotional wellbeing of expectant and new parents by helping them get timely and supportive care. If you want to find out more, visit their website.

Thanks for coming, and reading. I hope to see you at a workshop soon.

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