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Welcome to Weaving

Meet warp and weft. 

These are the two threads that intersect one another to form the basis of a weave. It's amazing to think of all the rich tapestries and cloths that began with just two interweaving threads.

Looms come in all shapes and sizes, and weavers come in just as many varieties of skill. But the basic principles of weaving are always the same.


You start by warping the loom, which means making a grid of thread that runs length-wise. Then you weave the weft thread over and under, from one side to the other.


Add flashes of colour, mixed textures, new patterns. Weaving allows you to explore and be influenced by the people and environment around you. I guess you could say that as you create your tapestry of thread, you are weaving from the tapestry of life.

​One beauty of weaving is you're never punished for your mistakes; you simply undo the threads. 

It's a calm, mindful activity that creates a thing of beauty. It really is like weaving magic.

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